Robin Asick, MSW, LSW, NSW-C

Renal Social Worker, FMC

Robin Asick is a Board licensed Masters Prepared Social Worker. She has worked as a social worker with Fresenius Kidney Care for over 25 years, working with people with kidney disease and their families. She has published various articles on renal topics and has a special interest in the Patient and Family Peer Mentor Program. She is a board member of the Kidney Foundation of Central PA (KFCP) and enjoys volunteering her time to support people living with kidney disease. She is also a past recipient of the KFCP Award for Clinical Excellence (ACE).

11.30 AM - 11.50 AM

2nd Session 23 Aug

ACE Award & Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania (KFCP) 2022: Supporting Best Choices/Encouraging Self Care for Families Living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)